About Us

WaveFront Technologies Pvt. Ltd., A software company in vadavalli located in coimbatore started in May 2016, is a subsidiary of Cable Partners Call Solutions India Pvt. Ltd® with a purpose of providing technological solutions to our clients. Evolving from a conventional BPO/Call Centre, at WaveFront Technologies, we focus at serving technological advancements to improve quality and profitability for our clients. Supporting Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based requirements to building websites and mobile applications, our services have been recognised by our clients as the best in the industry. Sourcing top quality data to meet the requirements of our clients through web research/analysis and over the phone surveys has been our prime area of interest; which through time has become our expertise.

Our Vision

Our prime vision is to ensure that our services enhance the technological advancements. The future of technology is in AI and ML. Supporting AI and ML companies with good quality data sets is where we seek to make a difference.

Our Goal

To take progressive strides in serving our part to a better future – both to our clients and our employees.

Our History

Our business venture started off a decade back. We started by providing technical assistance to the Internet and Cable companies in the United States of America through Cable Partners®. Cable Partners® was the inception of our conventional “Call Centre” based business ventures; that followed since. This was followed by a number of sales and survey process with our clientele expanding across the United Kingdom and Australia. We successfully adapted to the changing requirements over the years and now we see ourselves an organization capable of providing holistic solutions to all technology related requirements for our clients.

Why Us?

  • Availability of skilled man power to meet the requirements of our clients
  • State of the art facilities
  • Provide financially viable solutions
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