Appointment Management

Healthcare should have an easy appointment management system. It is necessary to make an easy communication with the doctor.

Pharmacy inventory

Inventory regarding medications is very important for healthcare. We use the Ayurveda pharmacy inventory software to track record of medicine provided to patients.

Physician Services

As technology has developed to an extent that healthcare has implemented new trends like Ayurvedic online doctor treatment.

saved to the cloud

Save the Medical Records for Patient Can improve their diagnose of treatment in future.As Technology Improvements cloud has an impact on Healthcare Industry.

                                 AVVVS – Ayurveda Hospital Software

AVVVS is an interactive online Ayurveda application that helps to provide clinical services more effectively. Technology has been used as a supporting tool to provide healthier treatment. As there is a need to implement software technology in the healthcare industry. Patients can connect to doctors regarding appointment with this Ayurveda Hospital Software.

You can easily access data of labs test, reports and pharmacy. These data can be accessed anytime at your convenience. We can keep our data securely stored in our cloud-based systems to avoid any loss or misuse. This app will help to provide a better treatment cycle for patients.

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