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Electronic Medical Record – EMR Software and application  that’s also known to be  Electronic Health Record Software (EHR), stores patient files and records which are digital. It reduces patient handling time.

What does the EHR actually do? It integrates the patient records, billings and other operational activities. EHR, just like any other software, EHR simplifies the process. It enhances value based care. This streamlines the prescriptions, billing, tests results and patient communication process.

Telemedicine Portal

EHR software’s features extend to various departments of health care. Let’s take a look at the some of the areas it extends an arm of efficiency – patient care, managing the records, billing, financial analytics, telemedicine, e-prescriptions, scheduling, insurance and claims.

EMR and EHR increases the medical practitioner’s productivity and the quality of the care given to patients. A lot of functions of EHR and EMR overlap. These software’s allows communication with other medical practitioners when the situation demands. It follows the patient throughout the medical journey. EMR is customizable to specific workflow. Every desk at the hospital can access the patient information. Digitalization of medical records means significantly less storage space required.


This cost effective technology is ideal for rural and community health medicine. Accurate implementation of the Electronic Health Record Software will ensure a seamless transition across various departments. It creates transparency of medical information.

Our EMR software and application saves time and helps to provide medical practices more efficiently. As healthcare depends on accurate data to provide better treatment. Easy scheduling of medical care can be done using EHR (Electronic health records) software to meet the doctors.

Cloud based EMR System Software

As clinician services require a primary caretaker to provide services we use a virtual assistant in place of a physical staff. You can integrate between labs, pharmacy as well as track medication documents of inmates. We use highly encrypted cloud base EMR systems to save data in order to keep it away from third-party access. Our focus is to enrich the relationship between doctor and patients.

Electronic Health Record Software - Wavefront Technologies

Features of EMR

  • Mobile EMR App
  • Appointment Management
  • Clinician Services
  • Transcription Services
Mobile EMR (Electronic Medical report) is an application that helps physicians to keep track of his patients. This app allows you to manage medical service details along with their appointments at real-time. Individuals can also view their records to interact with doctors instantly.


  • You can check the schedule to plan appointments
  • Photos can be uploaded to get doctors assistance
  • It can be assessed using both IOS & Android devices
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Healthcare Software -Wavefront Technologies


  •  Information regarding the subject as well as the doctor is available on the same platform
  • The application is designed to present information simple and clear
  • Easy to use with mobile devices


  • Data cannot be saved in your devices
  • Photos can be taken to be uploaded in the EMR system
  • Temporary memory access is available to keep data secure


Having a seamless appointment scheduling is important in the healthcare industry. It plays a vital role to manage communication between patients and staff. As high complex procedures along with situations regarding victim schedules can be sorted using this system.


Electronic Health Record

Schedule online

  • Provides a list of schedules for appointments
  • Specifies in booking related queries
  • Improve bookings to reduce no-shows

Increase productivity

  • Prioritize your appointments
  • Confirm schedules through texts & e-mails
  • Create wait list for inmates
Appointment Booking Software - Wavefront Technologies
Cloud based EMR app

Attract customers

  • Follow up with patients
  • Encourage online reviews
  • Stay active in social media


Innovation leads us to find new areas in providing health care services to inmates. Usually, clinician services involve a primary caretaker to provide services to patients here we use a virtual assistant in place of a physical staff. As it reduces manual labor.



Time effective

  • Help to manage your time
  • Provides you with schedules
  • Helps to prioritize tasks

Risk Notification

  • Notifications via texts & e-mails are received if patients are at risk
  • Helps in easy intervention for complications
  • Reduce risk of complication during the need for unscheduled care
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Mobile EMR app

Operational performance

  • Improve communications between hospitals with their patients
  • Avoids treatment delays
  • Improve operational efficiency


The process begins with a doctor dictating case related medical information. It is recorded within a platform itself. As audio is being directly transcribed within an application it does not require a document for transcription. As a certified medical transcriptionist data is being updated in cloud storage within EMR application away from third-party access.


Increase accuracy

  •  Reduce errors on medication reports
  • Helps physicians to provide accurate notes
  • By using EMR increase efficiency in treatment
Medcal EMR
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Save time and productivity

  • Helps to maintain productivity rates
  • Dictating saves time than typing notes
  • Enhances time on practices

Reduce data entry cost

  • Practices will reduce operating cost
  • Quick delivery of reports
  • Error-free data
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