Best Sports Team Management App

It's time to work it out

Easy sports academy app is an interactive platform to fulfill all your sport’s needs. It has been an effective tool that helps coach and students to train more competently. This sports app has changed normal sports world into a digital phenomenon. As students can interact with the coach without any interruption in this sports application design.

Easy and convenient app to organise your team.

Attendance Tracker

  • Helps to track player’s attendance during training
  • Easy access to the presence of players within the app
  • Admin can also view the attendance of players

Team schedules

  • You can schedule training or events at any time
  • Matches and training can be managed easily
  • Reminders can be set for training and matches


  • Can track the list of players in the team
  • Admin can check the availability of the players
  • Players can also update their availability on their convenience


  • Regular training and performance of players are tracked  
  • Changes in the training session
  • Fitness updates of players
achieving your goals

Getting in shape forces you to face your biggest challenges, and sticking to a regular routine for a long period of time. This class will make sure you know how to focus on the right exercises and workouts to reach your goals. 


  • Quick communication within the team
  • Messages regarding updates and changes
  • Help everyone to be connected

Application Benefits

  • Details regarding various sports
  • Personalized experience
  • Easy to operate and navigate
  • Responsive design 
  • Supports on IOS and Android devices
  • Customization Available 
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