Ecommerce Website Development Company

Everything you need to sell products through online. An Ecommerce Web Development Company raise the value of online store for you. Like any business, e-commerce has evolved over the years.
Internet is the tool that has boosted the ecommerce website development business worldwide. The growth rate of online business is only expected to increase as the years go by.

What is reason behind Ecommerce Website Development?

Creating an efficient online store, the electronic market place, has brought the consumer and supplier closer. It has enabled people to carry out business transactions from any part of the world at any given time of the day.

For this reason, business today treats ecommerce business seriously. They are serious competition which the world of trade has begun to realise. With the entry of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and others social media is driving the course of the ecommerce popularity.

Influence of online business on Start-Up Companies

SWOT analysis, is the first step for any new venture. This helps in goal setting. SWOT helps to assess the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the company in the current environment.  It helps in defining the objectives and the course of the business. After the objectives are set, one can work out the sales, profit, customers, technology, human resource and infrastructure. Thus analytics manipulate your ideas and dreams.

E-commerce has been transforming the shopping experience of customers like never before. Unprecedented growth has been predicted. Technology, with its latest advancement is enabling the e-commerce sector to be extremely efficient. Banks and other e-payment players in e-commerce ecosystem are providing a secured online pay mode via payments gateways.

Grow Opportunities to sell products all over world

Squares pace and Word Press offer ready-to-use e-commerce templates that help you get a store up and running quickly.

Payments services like PayPal, Square and Google Wallet are popular ways of accepting and managing online payments.

Merchandise can be sold through online giants like Amazon. Selling physical goods will require logistics.

There is no ideal success solution for any business. General guidelines pertaining to very detail and requirement is all that we have to fall back upon.

Why pick Wavefrontech as an Ecommerce Website Development Company?

Two types of customers in an ecommerce website, ones who know what to buy and the others who only want to browse. Both are crucial and potential customers. How we cater to both their needs is the challenge.  Designing a customised search experience is the key feature. If users can’t find what they are looking for, they will hop onto the next website and buy it from there.

Nippy eye on Ecommerce Web Development by our developers

Users who simply browse and compare the price and quality have to be dealt with carefully.

Navigate extensively across all pages and segments.

An intelligent easy-to-use tool to understand their shopping behaviour.

Store records of the users during their last visit.

Suggesting on every next visit prompts them towards potential purchase.

Being smart, flexible and being able to evolve with the changing times keeps every business adrift.

Woocommerce Website Development

WordPress, a free and open-source content management system (CMS) is based on PHP & MySQL. WordPress has ample possibilities for customization. It used to be a blogging platform earlier, but it has evolved beautifully and has become versatile. This being an open software, is free and offers unlimited validity. If at any given point in time you plan to switch to another CMS, then WordPress is the best recommended platform.

There is a misconception that building an online store would require a lot of money. WordPress can be used with Woo Commerce, to create an online store. Woo Commerce by Woo Themes is a plugin of WordPress which offers to build a modern web shop using WordPress platform. It’s an open source plugin and can be customized as per your unique business requirements. Woo Commerce is completely free to download.

Woocommerce Prominence Features

Ease of Handling​

The easiest platform to update so far. All it requires is a single click of the mouse. Updating the software is important for security reasons. WordPress has frequent updates and notifies the user about it.

Integration & Control​

While a website is being created, the goal of it is multiple. WordPress integrates most of the online tools.  Controlling the WordPress is easy with its single user friendly control admin panel.


Any kind of physical and digital products are sold here. Woo commerce understands your needs and manages your backend works for you.

Built in SEO

Woo commerce optimizes your website and search options better than most other platforms in the market. It will help you get data and manage data without much effort.


You have the readymade plugin for the requirements and at an affordable price.  The theme can be selected and Woo commerce can work with it.


It can be integrated into any third party software.  A CRM software, marketing tools, logistics services and all other tools can be easily integrated.


Shopify is a hosted CMS service that offers you everything you need when it comes to online sale. Shopify offers more choice as in features and in up-to-date templates. Since it’s a hosted CMS, you don’t have to worry about server maintenance and its costs. While setting up your e-com business, Shopify is the best option.

Shopify is easy to set up and can be easily managed by beginners. The affordable prices is attractive enough for small businesses.

Content will be served by Shopify when you focus on e-commerce. It is basically a tool for running your e-commerce store. Shopify’s search mechanism is robust but sometimes has its own limitations. It provides the basic functionalities, which is easy for the user.

It shows the prices in multiple currencies. It also supports multiple languages. It provides offline solutions as well. The services in Shopify can be integrated to your brick and mortar store as well.

Y Shopify payments are integrated to your store and eliminates a third party gateway. Credit card payments are allowed and even Bitcoins have found their way in. Manual payments are also available.


Magento is an open source ecommerce platform and has the ability to make online shopping bigger than ever before. Several options for customization and integration available. It is known to satisfy all the preferences and requirements of online shopping. Has a focus on security as well. It is the most popular CMS among the top-rated ecommerce brands

It is the most sought after CMS among the top brands. Easy to use and manage makes it a comfortable choice. It is offered in several languages. Extensive technical knowledge is not needed to operate the CMS. A few clicks and you’re ready to spread your wings all over the world.

They maintain a strong support team at your service during any time of the day. Since security is crucial while setting up an ecommerce site, they have a built in feature which automatically secures your site from hackers.

They offer high server maintenance. Even when traffic is high, there’ll be no problem accessing your site. It will run smoothly without interferences. It has a comfortable price range giving you unsurpassed functionality.

Your online stores and products will be controlled and managed by a single backend office. Magento is always recommended by the best merchants. You will have to pay for the hosting as it isn’t a free service. Its high price makes it a perfect choice for high end users all the while creating a community of its own.

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