Indian Healthcare Industry

How Technology is Used in Indian Healthcare Industry


Indian healthcare industry is a growing sector. We have people from various parts of the world pouring in for healthcare facilities. Indian medical care seems to be in par with global standards, be it the facilities or the expertise.

Today, the healthcare system anywhere in the world is patient friendly. Patient centric treatment is possible with the implementation of innovative technology solutions. Thus improving prognosis, diagnosis, treatment and follow up.

Business Prospects in HealthCare:

Increasing population and frequent occurrence of chronic diseases pose a great challenge to the industry. Incorporating technology in our healthcare system is becoming a norm. Today, the penetration of smartphones and accessible internet has been crucial; considering that we have mobile apps, wearable trackers, we track everything today, from location to heart beat rates, symptoms and prognosis. AU, VR, AI all these concept seem to be riding into our healthcare system in the recent years and this is changing our treatment protocols, pharmaceutical and medical research, and surgery. Minimal invasive surgery is today’s hero. Minimal pain and quick recoup is today’s mantra.

Developing equipments and devices with the latest breakthrough technology is making significant contributions in enhancing the quality of healthcare facilities. Biotech, pharma and insurance are innovative in their customer solution designs.

Traditional method of consultation too has evolved in the virtual arena. People have been enthusiastically embracing technology in their daily lives. With the increasing awareness of EMR(Electronic Medical Record – Emr APP), extending quality error free health care is becoming a reality. EMR enables safer transcribing, reduces medical errors, privacy is maintained and can be considered as a legitimate document for accurate clinical information. Research is possible with the acquired data.

How Data is Used in Healthcare:

Health insurance works on data analytics. Insurtechs are ushering in a whole new world of innovative designs to cater to the consumers’ need. AI and machine learning are utilizing and making sense with unstructured data. Customised insurance is based on each person’s personal requirement and affordability, thus was born microinsurance. Insurtech and microinsurance will change the conventional mode of insurance process. Blockchain technology will help the insurance providers in providing a smart and fraud free system.

Mobile services and gadgets have brought the world of the healthcare closer. It is not too far behind to find every physician with a gadget accessing our medical records from any part of the globe. Consultation and diagnosis happens instantly. Providing medical care and solutions in remote areas is a possibility today with telemedicine. Medicine, technology and telecom have seamlessly partnered ensuring that geographic and demographic challenges are to be handled with élan. Telemedicine reduces the health care costs. It supports traditional care, doesn’t replace it.

For technology to change the face of healthcare, digitalization is a pre-requisite. Digitalization is cost effective and a compelling need. Technology in healthcare will simply simplify and improve the efficiency of the journey.

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