A distinctive Pharmacy inventory software developed by our expert team to handle the operation of pharmacy operation management, sales data, patient records and independent stores. The multilevel Clinical Management software for pharmacy includes prescription data workflows, tracking record of medicines available, inbuilt ICD -10 (International Classification of Diseases), easy process, and monthly data pile up.

Overview of Pharmacy billing Software

A Prominent pharmacy management software provides end to end solution for order management, account billing and Inventory management. The fruitful retail pharmacy software supports one stop solution for all pharmacy in wholesale, distributors as well as developed for warehouse business.

The interface is easy to use and also reduce overall time for users to get accurate accounting filling, workflow management, sales , purchase ,re-order, finance, reporting and stock availability. We encouraged to focus on cloud based pharmacy software integration depend upon client requirements.

Why choose our pharmacy software?

>> Simple resource management and reduce work load for practitioner.

>> Track and dispense all pharmacy database management system in the best possible manner.

>> Succeed pharmacy business and beneficial by using this pharmacy inventory software.

>> Saas pharmacy inventory software keeps better stock inventory management.

>> Built-in calendar facilities you to find expiry dates of medicines and effective calculation prices based on discounts.

>> An E-prescribing Web-based hospitable interface.

>> ICD-10 Integration.

>> Deliver fast, professional and good-mannered services to your customers.

Pharmacy Dispensing software services

Inventory regarding medications is very important for healthcare. We use the Ayurveda pharmacy inventory software to track record of medicine provided to patients. It would help to record the quantity of medicine provided. A report can be generated for further appointments.

  • Track medicines availability
  • An easy categorization of medicines
  • Measurement of medicines
  • Record of purchases
  • Report on patient and medicine purchased

Appointment management

Healthcare should have an easy appointment management system. It is necessary to make an easy communication with the doctor. As an efficient Ayurveda online consultation application will help to reduce no-shows and lose a patient.

  • Easy scheduling can be done on doctor availability
  • An appointment is fixed at your own convenience
  • Approved/Unapproved appointments can be viewed
  • Waiting on appointments is also notified
  • Option to cancel is also available

Physician services

As technology has developed to an extent that healthcare has implemented new trends like Ayurvedic online doctor treatment. It has brought a lot of changes to the consultation procedures. It does not require a physical presence of patients as Ayurveda doctor chat online.

  • Schedule appointments at your convenience
  • Patients can get assistance from doctors through text
  • Phone calls are used by patients to get assistance
  • Online consulting of patients is done through Skype
  • Details regarding medication are stored in the application 
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