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A forefront PHP development company in coimbatore at wavefrontech have been developing numerous applications to our esteemed clients.PHP is a free language with no absolutely no licensing fee. It’s a language made for the web which is used on the server-side.

Why PHP web development is adopted by Application Development companies

PHP has been evolving ever since. It enhances your HTML website. PHP and HTML are used in interchangeable manners. PHP is used to design emails, shopping carts and private messaging systems. Every method and function is documented. This free open source software is ideal for building and developing a website and design tasks. It solves the problems easier and faster while being user-friendly at the same time.

Highlights of PHP Development

Flexibility - Php Development Company


PHP can be used on almost all operating systems as it has the web servers support too. The abilities include outputting the images, PDF files, any text output is also easy, such as XHTML or XML files

Data Base Support

Writing a data base enabled page is unbelievably easy by using any of the specific extensions or an abstraction layer like PDO.Extensive approach of PHP MYSQL Database can handle numerous amount of data.

Application Support

Using the PHP-GTK, you can develop some advanced PHP features in the client-side application. GTK + GUI integration empowering rapid performance to web application and core widgets

DOT NET Web Development Company in Coimbatore

.Net Development remains important among developers. It is still Microsoft’s most successful application development frameworks. The framework supports various programming languages such as Visual Basic and C#, offering the developers the choice of choosing the language to develop any given application. Certain pressing issues of the developers are satisfied in  Dot Net and those issues are the lengthy development processes, the difficulty in switching between applications and the high costs.

Open-Ended Dot Net Development Company


.Net development isn’t limited to desktop software development. .NET functions across all mobile and web platforms and this possible with the advent of .NET Core, you can create apps compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Kubernetes is an open-source container system (link is external) that is dedicated to automating deployment and management of applications.

smooth transmission - Dot Net development company

Smooth Transmission

.NET uses a service-oriented architecture, by this, it would mean that you can still send app data using standard internet protocols. The data is validated by localizing the numbers, dates, and text within the web application and this is crucial for making the application accessible all over the globe.


.NET improves security in two ways, namely the Code Access Security and Role-Based Security. Due to .NET’s robust security control and reusable codes, developers enjoy safer execution and performance issues in this encrypted environment.

Dot Net Development - Self Hosted Web Applications

Self-Hosted Web Applications

When you might need to make web apps to be deployed on the desktop instead of an IIS server. ASP.NET based profiler, Prefix (link is external), is the best option. The web app becomes a console app with ASP.NET Core.

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