Data Set Maintenance

Data sets are the key to enhance Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We source these data sets through web research and data mining processes to provide customised data as per our client’s needs.

Business Intelligence

This was a whole new domain that we forayed into based on our gut instincts. For over 2 years, we invested on a small team to collect RSS feed of various fortune 500 companies and stored then for data analysis. This data that we store is now highly sort after by leading insurance, legal and banking firms. Our data analysis helps in critical decision-making processes.

Conventional CallCentre

This was the start of our business venture. As a part of the call centre domain, we have handled technical support, sales, lead generating surveys and virtual assistance. We stress on delivering quality work, well in compliant with all the governing regulations.

Technological Support

Technological support include server maintenance, internet/router support, website development, application development.

Web/App Development

From creating AAA compliant websites to user friendly mobile application, we have a dedicated development team that works on the needs of our clients.


We have been providing secretary services to home doctors and home health agencies in the United States. From scheduling appointments to claiming insurances, our extensive support has been well recognised by our clients. We also have a team working on Medical billing, transcription services and medical coding.

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