Machine Learning Training Data:

Deep Learning & Machine learning models need a good training data-set for it to work properly. So what really is a training data-set?

Providing precise data with right criteria is crucial for machine learning models to bring about the predicted outcome.

Wavefront gathers and identifies the exact data that aligns with the specific criteria and format, then supplies it to machine learning algorithms to ensure expected events are foreseen.

Wavefront also helps in fine-tuning training datasets for various Machine Learning (ML) models to produce highly accurate results.

Text Based ML (Machine Learning)Training Datasets:

Wavefront helps build transcript based machine learning training datasets for text based ML models, Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems, which is used in various business and market intelligence solutions.

Creation of these dataset repository machine learning program involves data gathering from various sources on the public domain, categorizing data with certain specified norms thereby establishing a particular pattern or outcome to the problem at hand.

Annotated Datasets:

Building annotated datasets for supervised machine learning techniques, Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks on various ML models so as to identify them.

Annotations involves Named Entity Recognition (NER) and parts of speech tagging. Analysing and creating a relationship between two entities would further bring about an increased accuracy of the ML model.

Dataset Creation for consumer applications & customised search applications

Wavefront helps create a refined dataset for various applications across various sectors like retail, business services, sports and market intelligence.

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