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"Design is Thinking Made Visual"​

Wavefront Technologies is a web development company in India that provides various sophisticated products based on customer requirements.

A business website for your company? An e-commerce website Development platform to showcase your products? A customized and secured CRM platform to handle your business needs?

Web design is nothing but who designs the web using HTML and CSS. While a web development is the one who not only may design the website but also writes scripts in PHP and ASP. He also maintains and updates the websites regularly. Web developer who creates content for the web. In these recent years, systems like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are very popular means of web development. Usually in most cases, companies have a dedicated team to design and maintain and manage their website.

The meticulous task lies in the paying attention to the details. Planning everything in detail involves a several fundamentals. Before deciding on the layout, color combinations and typeface, we need to work on the content. Content speaks for you, it describes you and it has to be good and then good looking. 

Content Management System - CMS

CMS is all about having a hassle free website and this would demand for easy maintenance.

A good CMS makes life easy and quick. It saves laborious work. By creating templates you can have multiple members managing the content, data and administration. You can create, edit, publish, and archive everything easily. Having an online presence is crucial for today’s business success.

Wordpress web development company in india


WordPress, a free and open-source content management system (CMS) is based on PHP & MySQL. 

E-Commerce Website Development - Wavefront Technologies


Shopify is a hosted CMS service that offers you everything.Shopify Offers

woocommerce web development company coimbatore


WordPress can be used with Woo Commerce, to create an online store. Woo Commerce by Woo Themes is a

Magento - Ecommerce web development company -Wavefront Technologies


Magento is an opensource ecommerce platform and has the ability to make online shopping bigger than

Influence of CMS

User Management

Easy to use from the word Go. It can be practically managed by anyone who has little technical knowledge.It constantly works to fix bugs and creates new Almost 30% of the world’s ecommerce sites use Woo Commerce.

Best SEO Company in India - Wavefront Technologies

Built in SEO

The built-in SEO is an advantage with regard to its on-page optimization. It takes care of the ranking on the search engine result page. Images like content and keywords is crucial and WordPress has an in-built editor to optimize it all.

Mobile Optimization

Hand held devices’ popularity and reach has increased the website visitors. Due to WordPress’ flexibility, no extra coding is required for different devices. It allows you to access the website no matter what device you use.

Is a bespoke software. In today’s dynamic world, staying ahead of competition and on par with the markets trends is the order of the day. For this you need the right strategies in place. Customization and automation process saves time and money thus increasing efficacy and efficiency. The deployment of your customised software caters to the needs of your business. Data security is of paramount importance today. It eliminates threats to your data through data encryption. Preferences of the customers can be tracked while making personal offers for an enriching customer experience.

PHP Development

A Open Source Object Oriented Language is used to develop and executed on server side

.NET Development

Dot Net is a microsoft based cross platform framework run on windows ,web based applications

Node .js

Node .JS is a free open source non blocking I/O model for fast and scalable network applications


An Advanced high-level programming language used to develop GUI applications and Artificial Intelligence

Front End Web Development

The front-end of an app or website is what the user can see and interact with. This includes the text, images, animations, transitions, and all other elements that has been incorporated. A web developer codes the front end of a website, while a web designer designs the way a website looks.

Front-end development is all about implementing designs and concepts on the web and their primary tools being HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Developers also use PHP, Ruby, or Python code in order to connect data with a back-end.

Back End Web Development

Editing, updating and recollection of data are some of the processes most often associated with back-end development. The common scripting languages used are PHP, Ruby, and Python. Algorithms and business logic is created to manipulate the data that was received in front-end development. This would simply mean that the codes written for the back-end development should be such that it receives data from the front-end development, and this is called the database.

Let’s find out more about the database. There are two types of databases- relational, like PostgreSQL and MySQL, and non-relational, like Mongo. The language used for the database management is SQL. This language helps the developer interact with the database.

Why Choose wavefrontechnologies

Website design and Hosting services are economical and secure, we optimize system configuration to cater to needs of business without compromising on performance. Website solutions created by our team goes through rigorous design, various testing scenarios to ensure best possible performance.

The cutting edge practices along with utilization of these modern technologies puts Wavefront as one of the best web application development companies in India.

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